Click for a larger view...Click for a larger view...Here you can see the built in bump stop shelves in the new u-bolt plates. You may also notice the second centering pin hole that had been drilled into the stock plate. This is a common variation seen when the axle has been moved forward to increase the vehicle's wheelbase. The guys at Spidertrax took this into consideration while designing the newClick for a larger view... component. There are three different centering pin holes to allow you to match your application. One thing we noticed, although the center hole (stock location) has plenty of room, the other two are located under the legs of the bumpstop shelf. This means the centering pin must be trimmed to the top of the nut as seen to the right. 



Click for a larger view...Click for a larger view...If you are not sure which hole to use, just set the bracket in place and line it up directly above the axle. Re-install the stock u-bolts and torque them to stock specs.  Click for a larger view...Click for a larger view...During the trial fitting of the lower link we noticed there was not enough room because of the longer u-bolts we used during the SPOA conversion. These also had to be trimmed. Click on the photo to the right and you will see how much clearance we ended up with after trimming. You will also note how much clearance there is for everything to else, even with the knuckle-over steering kit we installed earlier. Twisted front and rear!Click for a larger view... Once everything has been installed, you need to twist up the rig as much as possible. Check to see how close your stock rubber (upper) bumpstops come to the new (lower) bumpstop shelf that is built into the Spidertrax u-bolt pad. If it touches, great - your done. If there is space like the photo above, then you need to do something about it. Click for a larger view...Spidertrax has a Bumpstop Kit that uses 3/4" spacers to close the gap. We measured 1.5" of space, so we used two of the three spacers supplied for each side of the vehicle. The replacement bolts that come with the bumpstop kit are long enough to accommodate all three spacers if you need them. It is best to install the spacers first before trimming the bolts (just in case you need to go with another spacer). Check out the Review for this equipment.

Sources for this Spidertrax equipment:

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