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OME Rear Springs @ All Corners

Many conversations around the campfire are about the rough ride of the short wheel base Samurai. This is not unique to the Zook, it applies to all vehicles of this type. Most acknowledge that hands down the OME is the best riding spring on the market for our application!

Gathering all the information about the OME springs from Tim Lund at ARB USA, I decided to go with the OME Heavy Duty Rear Spring at all corners. According to Tim, Zook owners need the extra 200 pound weight capacity that the OME-S2 offers. This spring will also give you about 2 to 2.5 inches of lift (not 3). By adding these springs to my existing spring over I will have plenty of room for the 32 x 11.5 SSR's. No more scraping tire the fenderwell on the trail!


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I used the Rocky Road Outfitters Rear to Front Kit to mount the OME Rear Springs to the Front of my truck. It is an easy bolt in process with the pin relocation kit that is provided. But of course, I wanted to do it the hard way. I opted to drill a new pin locator hole in the spring. In talking with ARB USA technical department, they stated that as long as I did not leave the spring "Flat" area it should be ok. After removing the "Overload" spring for the front set I used the RROR pin relocation kit to mark  the location of the new hole. Very slowly, and with a lot of oil (and a titanium bit) I made short work of the new holes. It was not as hard as I have been told it was.

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Here you see the stock, well worn set. These springs have served me well and now they will be laid to rest. Removing them can be a real pain if the locating bolt has rust welded itself to the center spacer. Support the truck with jack stands and remove the old stockers.

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The new OME Rears are almost ready to go in. This picture shows the overload still in place. It was removed before spring drilling and installation. I ordered new OME spring bushings at the same time I ordered the springs. It is best to use all new hardware and bushings on a new install. Do not go cheap! Your safety rides here. I used a large amount of antisieze on all the new hardware and the grease that OME provided for the bushings. Installation of the new rear springs is very easy and can be done in an afternoon, if all the hardware in not a rusted mess.


My Zook now rides on OME rear springs on all corners. They are suspend on Revolver shackles. I had the opportunity to get in a good test on my new suspension while at this years ZookiMelt. All I can say is 'Oh man what a difference'! Ride is great, and articulation is better then ever. When you buy your new Springs be sure to address the spring wrap if you are using a Spring Over Axle Lift. A traction bar in the rear is a requirement for long spring life.

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