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iZook Guru’s Ultimate Project Build Off – Truck One

This month was to be the start of the tear down with the installation of the Trail Tough YJ lift kit.. We are going to start the tear down, just not in the order we thought! Many of you who were volunteers at the ZookiMelt sadly could not make it to the annual “After Melt Fun Run” Larry and I never miss an opportunity to run the trails with friends. For you that did not make it we are sorry. You missed one heck of a day on the trails of the Badlands. We spent the day exploring the park with Eoin, Sonya , Murphy, and Jason. Small crowd  big hearts and bigger ideas of where a Zook can go. We never say where they can not go.

So this is the last trail ride of the year, last hour of the day, and the last trail before we head out for dinner. We can see Murphy and Eoin outside of their trucks spending a lot of time looking at this very ominous hill with a murderous drop and hard turn right. Murphy goes first while hearing shouts of  get off the brakes! Next goes Eoin in the Landy. All I can see is under carriage and his truck bouncing off trees and trail. OMG he is going over. Nope he made it safely.

Our turn. I bail and let Larry take this one on his own. If it goes over it will be on my side.  After all was said and done it was a good decisions. This article will show the tear down and  removal of the newly trail damaged parts. On the drivers side, crushed the Sport Cage down two inches. Of course this means the windshield is now two inches lower then it should be. On the passenger side tore off the rear fender flare and lots of new dents. Bent front spring. Good news is no one got hurt and we had a great recovery team. Thank you guys for getting the truck back on all four. After getting  the truck down the hill the guys open the hood to check out the engine and start it up. Off to more trails? Nope can’t see out of the windshield 😉

Oh the tear down. I removed the broken windshield and frame. The Sport Cage was next to come out, yep the drivers side is a lot lower then the left side. Time to call Petroworks and get a replacement

For everyone thinking of a sport cage. We have been running the Petroworks Sport Cage for years. Been over on the side more times then we care to count. Went over hard this time. All with no damage to our heads 😉 Just goes to show we build them to drive! Thanks Petroworks for building a very strong Sport Cage!


A little ballast on the rear

Line looks good

Wow! That was a fast roll


Just hanging in the seat belt

Looky lues check the damage

Larry is still hanging by the seat belt

By now stuck to the soiled seat

My heroes!


Darn Samurai bond!


Removing the Sport Cage


Never knew there were bolts under here?


Glad it was bolt in.


New parts to add to the build. Petroworks Sport Cage. We have been over on the side a time or two. This cage has always protected the interior. This time it took a beating and needs to  be replaced.Windshield frame and glass. Rear fender flare. Body panels. Aftermarket4x4.com: 94 Tracker Rear Ring and Pinion

The Admirals Arsenal:

New Aluminum Dash
Interior Panel Kit
ARB Air Locker
Front and Rear


Front Bumper
(877) 474-7625]]>
Samurai Salvage:
90 Tracker
Ring and Pinion



(877)-789-8547 YJ Lift Kit Hybrid Rear Axle Spidertrax:(800)286-0898 OEM Front Axle Repair Kit New Seats and Install Kit   Zuki CreationsStarter Fix Kit Doorless Straps Kit


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