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On The Trail!with John Cosentino

Birth of NE Suzuki Offroad

Select for larger imageIt's been a long time in the waiting for a suzuki club here in New England. Where the modified samurai is plentiful elsewhere in the country it is scarse here. Well I've found 2 other guys local with decent zuks and we've started a zuk only club with this first trail ride. Already as of Mid March there is 5 other zuk owners waiting to join who must be initiated on our next trail run to follow in April.

We chose a trail local here in Goucester MA called the pipeline for the first run. It's aSelect for larger image good mix of water, mud, rocks, and climbs. Obstacle o' plenty. We met early in the am for breakfast and headed out on the trail. First obstacle, a giant rock the size of a two story house which I decided I needed to get on top of so that I could name it Mt. Zuki. A half hour later I managed to get the tipover on top with only a few nicks in the armor and it only used half my new clutch to do it. Ok that's the last straw, I ordered my grsII from petroworks the next day.

Select for larger iamgeJim and Dan shaking their heads saying I'm crazy decide it's time to head on. Jim's rig is an 87 that he purchased a month prior and since has built his own spoa, mega heavy perches, and installed lockrites front and rear. He found a few good obstacles for testing and almost pushed it over backwards and on it's side a couple times. Dan's rig is the silver 87 w/ 3" lift springs, webber carb, isky cam, 2" exhaust and 31's. He's the only one not locked but the only one with lower gears, 4.56's in the diffs. This was his first time on a serious trail and it was fun to watch the look of amazement when he'd go where he didn't think he could. Ok, he decides it's time for a rear locker and spoa. Mine's the green one w/ 33's spoa, 2.5 ome's and rear detroit.

After a few photo ops and a couple giant sized puddles we come across the mudSelect for larger image hole everyone warned me about the week before. It's only 30 feet long and covered with and inch of ice, how deep could it be? The locals tell of guys totally submerging trucks in this hole, how could it be? Ok, I cant pass this up so I ease into it ever so slow. I'm almost half across when my front tires fall off a ledge trlnewJohn9.jpg (31805 bytes)submerging the engine. I head for the rear compartment while water rushes in covering the pedals. Quickly I put on the rubber boots and toss out a strap to Jim and we manage to pull it out before the water gets over the seats. Unfortunately that was the last trail that engine would ever see, it never ran the same after that, guess it took on too much water. We push on with my engine smoking and the essence of burning clutch in the air wondering where the trail will come out. It's about 3 hours long and ends up on the side of the highway in Essex.

Select for larger imageThe first run was a success, we all head out for lunch to talk over future mods. for our zuks to be done before the next run. Dan- spring over axle lift, one of Jims killer bumpers for the rear. Jim- a grs1 and some longer shocks. Myself, I'll take a grsII , a new engine, and a front locker. There's been alot of interest in the club so there will be a larger gathering next time and a website in the near future. If anyone is interested in joining or just wanna join us for a run, dont hesitate to email us at

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