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Dodge Neon Seat Installation

Click through for a closer look...I am sure everyone has had or now owns a  Samurai with very well worn and uncomfortable seats. This easy upgrade is for you. Dodge Neon seats are almost a perfect fit in the Samurai. The Neon front seat mounting holes are a perfect fit on the stock Samurai seat rail. In the back all that is required is to drill out eight rivets, grind or saw off three tiny welds and drill the holes for the back part of the Neon seat. I picked up a pair of like new seats for $50.  With seats in hand and 3 hours labor they where mounted and ready to go. These seats will almost mount themselves. This information comes from the garage of  my friend Steve Arrington in Georgia.


Click through for a closer look...   Click through for a closer look...

These holes are the same as the Samurai Seat. 15 3/16 center to center. This makes for an easy swap.

Drill out the rivets. You will need this piece for the other base.

Click through for a closer look...  




Click through for a closer look...These brackets must be used to put the seats back together. The back and lower cushion bolt to it.

Samurai rails on the Neon seat.  


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