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How to get there...Natural Bridge, Kentucky


The directions are for anyone traveling north or south on I-75. 

Take I-75 just south of Lexington, KY, you will see I-64 East. 

Take I-64 East, just past the Winchester Exit (I believe there are # exits, second one having best food & gas selection) 

Take Exit #98 Hwy 402 East (Mountain Parkway as we know it). 

At Stanton Exit #22 there is lodging, fuel and food. This is approx. 15 miles from Natural Bridge State park.  

At the Slade Exit #33 turn right west on Hwy 11, travel approx. 4-5 miles to the state park. (The state park campgrounds are closed until March.)  At the Slade Exit #33; there is a choice of BP or SHELL fuel.

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