The More Power Puller

"But dear - I NEED a winch...  everyone has them!" 

Not so true. There are still quite a few folks out there who don't have them but still manage to have fun out on the trail. 28 pounds of iron and steel!Most folks only see the really extreme trails that require them when they watch the videos. So what alternatives are there? You can always pick up a come-along (puller) from the local hardware store, but how strong are they... really? And would you trust them to pull your rig up the rocks? We took a look at a puller that is rated for quite a bit more than the typical Samurai. The model we tested was rated for 2 tons of lifting strength and 4 tons of pull/drag power. With the typical Samurai weighing in at around 2500 pounds, this more than fits the bill.

Click for a larger view...Click for a larger view...Take a look at the More Power Puller next to the popular competitor... uh, competitor? This model has 35 feet of 5/16" steel cable. That length is cut in half when you use the tackle block hook that is included, but it is still long enough to get you out of many situations. There are other models to choose from, but for the situations we put our rigs through, most offroad enthusiasts prefer this model because of its longer cable.   Click for a larger view...Click for a larger view...We don't have much mud down here in the desert southwest, but if we were stuck deep in the mud the additional power this puller has would be well worth the effort to pack it away behind the seat. Don't worry about the unit failing due to overstressing it. Instead of the main body or reel crumpling, the handle is calibrated so that it will bend if you exceed the limits of the unit. This means your rig doesn't go crashing down to the rocks below, it stays safely in place to allow you plenty of time to come up with another idea.  Click for a larger view...Click for a larger view...The More Power Puller has a dual-sided reel & pawl system for safety. It allows for strong pulling/lifting power as well as allowing for a controlled descent. We took the unit out to try it in the rocks of Las Cruces, New Mexico during the recent Chile Challenge event. The rocks were no problem for the puller.  Click for a larger view...Click for a larger view...As a matter of fact, although the rocks look more menacing, we could pull the vehicle up the rock face quicker than when we attacked the dirt hill (less resistance). This unit wasn't just designed for pulling vehicles out of a mess (although it certainly does the job). You can find it in use in the construction and farming industries as well as being used by vehicle recovery and rescue personnel. A much longer list can be found at their web site.  

Although the More Power Puller will never completely replace the capability (or the 'cool factor') of a solidly mounted winch, it is an excellent alternative and a very capable backup when things get stuck. 



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