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iZook Guru’s Ultimate Project Build Off – Truck One March Update – Dash To The Finish!


OMG only about 8 weeks before the largest gathering of Zooks in the US and the truck is not even close to being complete. Will we be ready for ZookiMelt 06? Had a visitor the other day and the first words out of is mouth, “Wow! you have a long way to go.” This was Lance owner of Hanks Muffler in Holland. He stops by on occasion to see the progress. Larry gets all the Zooks exhaust work done there.

Larry and I are now working together to complete the Samurai on time. We have gone from 1 or 2 hours a night to 4 or more. There is so much to be done.

Terrina Harris AKA The Admiral!

The last two months we have not really concentrated on any one part of the truck. Most of the time has gone into the dash, wiring and fuel injection. What follows is a where we have been and what is going on update.  

Dash – The dash portion is coming to an end. The dash and most of the components are in.  We are waiting to install the last panel for the surprise item to be shown at the Melt. Bet it is the only one of its kind in a Samurai.

Good time to clean it out

So what is in yours?

Was just cleaned when?




Parts gong in? Nice change.

Axles – The rear axle with ARB Locker and Full Floating kit are sitting on the new YJ springs in the rear. The front axle has just moved to the work bench.

Need  knuckles for the new axle.

The YJ kit is bolt in. Nice!

FI, sure is a lot of work

Front spring clean up


Next month we will have the Lift completed! We would like to roll the truck out of the garage for the first time in many months. The interior has been a storage / cpllection place for all the extra parts we have been pulling off the truck. That has to change and soon. Tom Kingston (Spidertrax) tells us the new PRP Seat install kits will be ready soon. I know we are tired of the iron butt  from the Samurai seats and are looking forward to the new ones.

It would also be nice to start the truck outside with the new higher fuel pressure. With the exception of the seats and mounting kits we have all the parts… all we need now is time. Oh wait! Still need to call Petroworks for the new sport cage and sending unit for the VDO speedometer. Does it never end?

One of the reasons we have not been able to devote all of our time to the Samurai. To get to events we rely on the trusty old Chevy PU. After 250,000 miles she said no more! This is a shot of Terrina putting on the final touches in the engine compartment. Sorry guys she is mine! Oh ya, the girl too.





Aftermarket4x4.com: 94 Tracker Rear Ring and Pinion

The Admirals Arsenal:

New Aluminum Dash
Interior Panel Kit
ARB Air Locker
Front and Rear
Front Bumper
(877) 474-7625]]>
Samurai Salvage:
90 Tracker
Ring and Pinion



(877)-789-8547 YJ Lift Kit Hybrid Rear Axle Spidertrax:(800)286-0898 OEM Front Axle Repair Kit New Seats and Install Kit   Zuki CreationsStarter Fix Kit Doorless Straps Kit

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