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Making Zooki Door Straps

  If you have removable doors on your Zook you need to have quick disconnect straps so you don’t have to unscrew the mounts all the time. Well…. actually you probably  don’t have to have straps, but if you don’t the door will swing open and bang other cars in parking lots or possibly blow open and maybe bend a hinge or something. Tools and materials: A pair of scissors, utility knife, phillips screw driver, drill bit slightly smaller than the screws currently holding the door strap. 2′ of 2″ Velcro strips (Both sides).        

  • Remove straps with screws.
  • Cut straps at the point where they go under the metal plate  you need the rubber to bind the Velcro to the plate. You now have 4 metal plates and the rubber underneath them. You now also have a piece of rubber strap with both ends cut off.
  • Lay out one piece of Velcro and cut it the same length as the cut  strap that is minus both ends and add on an additional 2.5 inches (the amount of Velcro to go under the housing and the rubber end piece you separated from the strap). Do the same for the other side of  the Velcro.
  •  Place the rubber and metal plate over each end of the Velcro and drill holes slightly smaller than the screws using the metal plate as a template.
  • Install each end of the Velcro, Velcro-rubber-plate. Screw in screws.

        Sandwich the Velcro together at whatever stop distance you want. Stock distance would be each end touching the end of the Velcro strip. (Photo Zstrap2) That’s it. $4 and 15 minutes. Beats the $19.99 commercial kits easy.

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