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Holley 2110 Carburetor Install


  By trade I am an ASE master certified diesel technician and have worked in the industry for the last 10 years as a mechanic.  I have worked on fleets and then went to an International Dealership.   I am currently out of it of the diesel industry and I am working in maintenance at a flat roll steel mill.  We relocated to Indiana and I couldn't pass up the pay and benefits of working in the steel mill.  I do miss working on the trucks.     I started wheeling with a 78 Ramcharger and that got me started.  Then I went on to a 97 Cherokee,  Then a 2000 wrangler that I loved and it wheeled awesome.  I wrecked it earlier this year and picked up this samurai which is an 1988.    I was looking for a carb change due to the stock carb and smog equipment are prone to failure and not cheap or easy to find.  And my carb was in need of serious repair due to previous owner.  A friend of mine had this carb laying around from his VW sandrail.  I thought man it looked close to being a direct bolt on so I took it.   It originally came from an old chevy straight 6.  Chevy and ford ran this carb in the 50's and 60's.  Also was a popular mod on VWs.    It is a very simple modification and can be done by almost anybody if they have the right tools.  Which are basic hand tools and couple air tools.  Nothing is real complicated.  

  Gaskets-   The red piece in the center is the stock spacer from the samurai that is between the stock carb and intake.  You need to cut out the center rib and make it oval to match the base of the new carb.  Then make to gaskets out of some gasket paper you can get from your local parts store.  Make them the same as you spacer plate. Gasket    

  Intake-   First take some rags and stuff them into the intake runners so nothing can get into them.  Then cut out the center rib.  I used a sawsall with a short blade.  Then set the spacer plate on the intake and draw the inside opening on the intake.  Take the spacer plate off and use a bur bit on a drill or die grinder and match the intake to the oval you drew on it. 



  Base-  The carb base is very close to just setting right over the stock studs.  What you need to do it ream the holes out just a touch toward the center of the carb.  Then the carb will set right down on the stock intake studs and use the stock nuts.  Now you have everything modified and made.  Put the first gasket on the intake,  then the spacer plate,  another gasket,  then put the carb on with the stock nuts.



  Vacuum -  run a vacuum line from this port to your distributor for your advance Vacuum    

  Picture of carb on and almost ready to run.  You can see that you need to just take the stock fuel line and put it on the new carb. Carb    

  You need to take off the EGR valve.  Then use it as a template to make a block off plate.  Then as you can see I made a bracket that I welded to that plate to hold the throttle cable.  I then could use the stock cable.  I just cut a small plate drilled it for the cable size and then slotted it to the hole for easy install of the cable.  Hook the cable up and make your adjustments and you are done with the install.



  It appears in the pictures that the cable is curved and not going straight to the carb throttle arm but it really is.  The pictures distort this for some reason.  You need the cable to go to the arm and it pull the arm so it keeps  the cable as straight as possible through the whole travel of the arm.

Throttle Arm



  You now need to plug off you coolant passages that are not used now  because of the manual choke.  Also plug off all the vacuum fittings that are not used so you have no vacuum leaks.  Find an air filter that will work for you and your hood.  I am running a cone filter right now  but it would hit the hood if I had one on. You may have to mod your hood for whatever filter you chose.  You will just have to play with it. Also you will have to put on a manual choke cable or electric choke.  It doesn't show it but I put on a manual choke kit.  Only adjust needed to be made was the idle screws.  Mine are at 1 turn out.  Your application may be different due to where you live.   A good source for parts and rebuild kits for these old carbs is www.vintagespeed.com

Coolant Passage


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