At this point I was content for about a years worth of trail riding. About a year later my clutch gave out at 98,000 miles, and once again I looked to Calmini for parts. They sent me a dual friction Centerforce clutch that is still pulling strong at 165,000 miles. When I was waiting for the clutch to be installed, the modification bug bit me once again. I had Calmini send me a Lock Rite locker for my rear axle. The new clutch and locker made an incredible improvement to the trail performance of GodZuki. I found myself conquering trails that I once found impassible. I was having a great time on the trails but I had run into another off roading obstacle. I was destroying my new clutch trying to climb large hills and control wheel spin. I also found myself looking for more clearance. I had the traction but I needed more clearance and lower gears.

During this stage of my Zooki experience I started out looking at a two to three week project, with a few modifications. That soon turned into a three-month project that completely transformed my Kick into GodZuki.

The project began with wanting to simply install axle gears and repair the dented front end that I had neglected for many years. I ordered the needed body parts from Hawk?s Strictly Suzuki, and started my first attempt at bodywork. One night while the sanding and grinding was being done I spotted a set of 33x12.50 BFG MT?s that were going to be installed on a CJ. My curiosity got the best of me so I jacked up my kick and installed the BFG?s. I was amazed at the difference that the 33x12.50 on 15x10" rims made. The only problem was that the vehicle would not steer or roll with the current set up. So I called on Scott ?Jeep Crafter? Correll at Adventure Off Road once again. He was able to determine that the 33?s could be done on my Kick, and that was when the fun began.

Once the body lift was installed, we still needed more tire clearance in the front of GodZuki. So, out came the saws all, cutting wheels and welder. The fenders had to be cut back and the floorboard was cut out and moved back out of the steering radius of the wheels.

We did not like how far the gas tank hung down after the body lift was installed so new mounting brackets were made and the gas tank was raised 4".



Now that most of the body work was done we hauled GodZuki to Mark Hackett of Linwood, Tennessee to have the pre-runner winch bumper, full roll cage, and rock sliders made.



 Once I had my Hackett Built accessories installed it was time to finish the bodywork and paint.




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