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Me and my 89 Kick in Big South Fork National Park, riding the South Loop Trail

I purchased my Kick in 1994 as a bone stock, navy blue, JX. It was my intentions to fix the front drivers side corner (she had met a Ford Truck up close and personal), and sell her for profit. That idea quickly disappeared. After only two weeks of driving her, I fell in love and sold my Nissan truck. That is when the modifications began.


It took very little time for me to realize that I would need more ground clearance if I were going to continue to ride with Jeeps rolling on 33" to 35" tires.

Taking a break in Big South Fork National ParkMy first modification I made was an Explorer Pro Comp 3" lift. When I first pulled out of the shop with the new lift kit installed, I was amazed at the difference a 3" lift made. After measuring the added clearance to the frame rails, The Pro-Comp lift gave my Kick 2.85" of additional clearance (measured at the middle of my Kick). When I drove down the road for the first time, I was greatly disappointed in the ride quality the lift gave my Kick. The ride could easily be compared to a Log Wagon! It was the roughest ride I have ever experienced. Still keeping my hopes up, I quickly headed to the trails to try out my new lift. To my disappointment the lift offered me little improvement in trail performance. The Pro-Comp lift gives you additional clearance by the use of drop brackets. My separated CV after my first ride with the Explorer Pro-Comp lift The brackets lower your existing suspension and drivetrain away from your body and frame to achieve the lift. The negative aspect to this is that the brackets for your control arms are mounted in-between the passenger side and driver side control arms, and hang lower than the factory position of the control arms. These brackets frequently brought the baby GodZuki to an instant stop when they would come in contact with obstacles on the trail. After only a short time in the woods I realized another downfall to the lift as my CV joint pulled apart. The lift allowed my drivers side to drop too far, pulling my CV past the snap ring that is suppose to keep it in place.

When I returned to the shop, I called Explorer Pro-Comp and was informed that they were having trouble with the lifts on the Canadian built Kicks. Thanks to the helpful people in their customer affairs department, it was just a short time until the kit was returned, my money refunded and I was on the hunt again.


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