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GM 100 Amp Alt

The GM 100 amp alt. that fits in a Samurai (that was sold by Loren) is a GM 7127 model. It doesn't need the idiot light connection or the Field (excitor) connection. It's self exciting and only needs the one wire connection to the battery. Also will need to swap the pulley from the Samurai alt onto the GM alt, so it spins faster at idle. You can get the additional 2 wire connector to connect up the idiot light and field wire. There are 2 possible color combinations of Samurai wire harness depending on the year. (Sorry still haven't noted what year is which.) The color codes of the wires for proper hook up are:


Terminal marking on  GM Alt case GM 2 wire clip Original Samurai wire colors stripe 86 - 88 Later Years Function in stock Samurai #2 or R Red Black/white White/green Ignition on wire #1 or F White White/red White/black Dash light wire

Due to higher output of the 100 amp alt. it is recommended that a 30 amp fuse be put in place of the approx. 6" green wire (fusible link) at the positive battery post, which comes from the stock wiring harness (and is connected to the amp). The alt. is capable of charging the battery at more than 30 amps if you have too heavy a draw. I think a battery shouldn't be charged with more than 30 amps, even on a quick charge. So the fusible link is there to protect the battery AND the stock wiring harness. You don't have to install the 30 amp fuse, but it's safer and easier to do it now. If you don't have a 30 amp fuse, the fusible link at the battery will blow and you'll need to splice in a piece of wire to replace it. If this fuse (or fusible link) blows, the car will die completely. (A fusible link is a wire 2-4 sizes smaller than the wire it protects.) This wire is needed for the entire car to work, SO CARRY SOME SPARE 30 Amp FUSES or WIRE.

The stock Samurai alt. puts out 45 amps. A sidekick puts out 55 amps (I think. It may only be 35 & 45). I've installed the 100 amp GM alt with just the one wire hook up and it works fine. Later on I taped off the original Samurai 10 gauge wire at the alt and ran a 6 gauge wire from the alt to the positive battery post. You don't have to do this, but the fusible link (or 30 amp fuse) at the battery pos. will blow, if you have lots of accessories drawing more than 30 amps. When this starts happening, it should be a warning signal to you, to install the 6 gauge or large wire. The fuse is blowing cause the stock 10 gauge wire in the stock harness can NOT carry the additional output demand of your accessories (now that you have an alt than can output more and keep up with the accessories), and it is protecting itself from a melt down... The lower bracket (of Lorens) fits like a charm. It's a Samurai bracket, with the original extensions cut off from the base. Then new pieces, to hold the GM alt., are welded to the stock base. So the old Samurai base bolts right in. You reuse the upper bracket that is currently there. Just loosen it so it moves (about 1/4") to aligns with the GM Alt. upper bolt. The GM alt. installs very easily from below. You remove the 2 screws that hold on the plastic dust shield and slide it out of the way. Then loosen the 2 bolts ON the passenger's side of the radiator support bracket, that hold the lower radiator hose's brace; as you'll need to push the lower hose (about 3/4") out of your way to slip in the bigger GM alt.


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