Attendees ParkingI headed back to the garage to start back working and I noticed that tent city had been blown down again. We hooked up more tent strings to it to hopefully hold it up. We finally succeeded I think. Well, we called it an evening from workin on Trail's rig, we still had a few little things to do, but we called it anyhow. I went up n started cookin burgers, I brought fifty four burgers patted out and ready to cook. I think I cooked nearly forty of em. Dinner went over real well. Rita made a wonderful pineapple upside down cake for desert. After dinner I broke down tent city cause we had to get up early in the morning to head up to Attica (The Badlands -R.C.). By the time I had packed down most things it was close to one a.m. Micah Wills mentioned that he was staying not ten minutes away. I talked to him and begged for a shower that night. I hadn't had one since Wednesday evening and was dying for one! He agreed n I don't know if he will ever know how much that shower meant to me. It's amazing how much better a shower will make a person feel. Thanks again Micah! I got back to Rick's after my shower n parked my Zuk up on the trailer. I crawled in the front seat of my Dodge to go to sleep. Now, you must know that I had a full cab in the Dodge, less than half of the front seat was open for me to sit on much less lay down. Well, I managed to get into a cross-legged Indian sittin position, laid on the seat best I could and put my crossed legs up on the driver's door glass. Slept like a baby!! Sunday morning, we got up and said our good-byes to all that were not going with us to Attica, finished loadin up, chaining down and we headed up to Attica for a day of wheeling! WHYYYYY? Couldn't Sunday's weather been like that for Friday n Saturday. 


BillyBob in the QuarrySunday was beautiful! Got to The Badlands and I had Doug Orban as a co-pilot. We line up for a ride, n well low n behold! There is a spot where bikes n quads play. Well, here goes Billy-Bob on the bike jumps we make a couple of passes on it, came down hard on a end jump n nearly wreck the Zuk on a jump cause me n Doug were laughin too hard to keep COMPLETE control of the Zuk. We quit that, noticed a clanking under the Zuk jumped out, looked n didn't seen anything obvious wrong. A few of us took of for a ride in the dunes n we played around a while out there. As it warmed up several of us went back and removed tops and doors n took off again. Me n Doug couldn't stay away from the bike jumps. We took off again at em, since the thrill was partially gone cause it was our second time at it, we went this time even faster. We got some sweet air a few times, then decided to head back to the trails where everybody else was. On the way we got to the road and I decided to hop out, look under the Zuk since it had been clanking for a while.

WELL, I busted the rear upper shock mount completely in two pieces! I beat my Rancho 9010's up pretty badly too. Oh well! I remove the shocks n mount, n take off with no shocks. By this time we had some people staring at me cause I looked just plain goofy, half a moustache, and beard, buck teeth one of em gold plated and a rebel flag style dew rag on my head. Well as if that wasn't enough fer 'em to stare at I put on my purple framed sunglasses the next time I seen 'em comin and I jerked off my dew rag and waved really big with my tongue waggin on my lower lip like a hound dog with his head out the window at 70 mph! They almost wrecked their quads staring at me! From there it was out to the dunes. We found John n Tommy (Suzuski and ZukiKid -R.C.) and we hooked up with them.


Playing in the DunesI backed up on a dune in 2wd, dug a hole till my frame was on the ground (I'm runnin 33's) then pulled out n took off. About that time there was a family pulling into that area to play prolly, and the old man just stared at me as if looks could kill cause I had just dug two extremely big holes! Well, I removed my rebel cap again, gave a hell of a big grin with my funky teeth, waved really big while hollering 'HOWDY' n I hit my rebel horn! I took off really fast after that. Now, me running with absolutely no shocks in the back, it took to bouncin' n I was forced to slow down. According to John and Tommy my rear end was bouncing almost two feet off the ground. It was a blast! We headed out to the rock quarry where Rick and the others were, took off on the trail and I ran two parts of the pink trail with no problems... well almost no problems. We managed to go through a heck of a mudhole n cave in my driver's side front fender really well, then driving across another bank, I managed to sit the frame down on a rock the size of a fridge and ripped my muffler loose. Me n Doug were going across a twenty foot section of trail n got on a rock and hung it up on a tree, pushed in the drivers side of the dash an inch or so, took out my quarter panel, not bad but I got it, got the fender flair mount too. Oh well!! We were calling it a day anyhow. Got back to the parking lot, got the doors and the top back on when I hear Ryan and Micah hollerin on the CB fer help. turns out that they flattened a tire out in the quarry. Me n Doug hopped in his tracker n went to the rescue! We got them fixed, went back to the parking lot n packed it up. Once we were all ready to go, we headed out to McDonald's, my treat, for a bit to eat, we enjoyed it, said our good-byes n headed our own ways. It was a blast! The unseen carnage I found following the weekend were a busted adjuster knob on my front shock, dents in both front shocks, and a bent frame! Overall, it was a heck of a weekend and I definitely would do it again!


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