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So You Cut Your Hinges, But...

I was looking for a way to disconnect my door straps. I looked at what was available online and saw the nylon quick release clips. All of a sudden I was flashing back to my school days and remembering that the ones on my backpack would never hold up to my life style. There must be a better way...seatbelts!

This is what you will need:Click through for a closer look!

  • 2 matching lap belts with a good length of seatbelt material attached to the male end
  • 2 small pieces of lexan or aluminum, 2"x2" (lexan will flex, giving it some spring)
  • 4 heavy duty self tapping screws (the size of the seat belt latch will determine the size of the screws)
  • Propane torch
  • Razor knife
  • Felt pen
  • Drill bits and drill
  • An awl or pointed screwdriver
  • #2 Phillips screw driver
  • The OEM hardware from your truck
  • 1 to 2 cans of your favorite beverage


Step One

Remove the old hardware from the door. Hold the belt up in place, open and close the door until you find the proper place you would like your door to stop (I just copied the stock location). Mark with a felt pen where you will be cutting the belt. I made mine too long the first time and had to cut them down, which is better than going too short the first time and having to get new ones.


Step Two

Click through for a closer look!You will want your seat belt clip to be recessed farther back than the original holes. I mounted the end of the clip at the same point where the old rubber started to bend. Take a piece of your lexan or aluminum and drill out 2 holes to match up to the factory holes in the body; I used the factory metal cover as a jig. Now drill two holes to match up to the seat belt latch, there will more than likely be one oblong hole. I put two screws through this hole at an angle; your application may be different. It will be best to screw the seat belt latch on at this point so you can have the holes threaded before the final install and so you can mark the adaptor to the desired shape for trimming.

Step Three

Use the torch to melt the end of the belt material so it does not fray. Heat up the awl or screwdriver and push it through the material to create the two mounting holes for the door; I used the factory metal cover as a jig. Cut off one end of the factory rubber so you can use it as a spacer when you install the belt to the door.


Step Four

Click through for a closer look!Click through for a closer look!Screw the adaptor on to the body and then attach the seat belt clip. Screw the seat belt to the door using the spacer as well as the factory metal cover. Clip the two together and check for length, you may have to cut the belt down like I did. Reinstall and youre done.

Step Five

Unclip seat belt, remove door, lean doors against something, and drive...


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