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Petroworks has been kind enough to give iZook permission to reprint this "Quick Fix" article. This is an article from a series that you can find at the Petroworks web site.  Look for down loadable video files in the future that will be provided by the great crew of Petroworks. Please visit their newly designed web site at Http:// 

Leaky DistributorTools Required:

10mm socket 12mm socket


Timing light (This isnt necessary if you make accurate reference marks. However we do recommend that you check the timing after you do this fix.)


  1. Make a reference mark on the distributor where it connects to the distributor housing. Also make a reference mark on the rotor so you can line everything up when reassembling everything.
  2. Remove the vacuum line and the yellow plug from the distributor.
  3. Remove the 12mm bolt that holds the distributor to the housing.
  4. Pull the distributor from the housing.
  5. Remove the three 10mm bolts from the housing.
  6. Remove the housing from the head. A small amount of oil will leak out when you do this.
  7. Replace the o-ring on the distributor and the one on the distributor housing.
  8. Reconnect the housing to the head. Be sure to reconnect the ground wire.
  9. Pour a small amount of oil into the housing so that the gears arent dry when you start the motor.
  10. Reinstall the distributor to the housing making sure to line up your reference marks.
  11. Reconnect the vacuum line, yellow plug, and cap. The motor should start as long as you lined up the reference marks. We recommend that you check the timing now.


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