Supercharger Installation




  Disconnect the battery.   Filter box and air cleaner hoseRemove the front grill and backing screen. Remove the air cleaner hat and filter box from the engine compartment. Remove the pre-heat hose.   Radiator with drain-cock highlightedDrain the cooling system. Remove the upper radiator hose and the radiator. Remove the thermostat housing and thermostat. Disconnect any hoses that may be attached to the manifold.   PCV valve location (orange color).Disconnect all linkages, fuel lines, vacuum lines, and wiring from the carburetor. Remove the carburetor from the manifold. Identify the PCV hose, fuel hose, and distributor vacuum advance hose for later reassembly.   Remove the inlet manifold.   Inlet manifold (shown with carburetor attached). The inlet manifold (shown with carburetor still attached).

 Clean any traces of manifold gasket from the cylinder head gasket surface. Save the attaching hardware for later use. 

Cleaning the cylinder head gasket surface after removing the intake manifold. Cleaning the cylinder head gasket surface


  Loosen the alternator belt and remove. Unbolt the fan from the water pump. Remove the fan, fan shroud and radiator.   Unbolt the crankshaft pulley from the crankshaft drive belt sprocket.  The crankshaft pulley (highlighted orange) The crankshaft pulley, highlighted orange.


  Drain the oil. Remove the oil pan and clean thoroughly. Remove any traces of gasket from the bottom of the block. Drill a inch diameter hole in the passenger (right) side of the oil pan. The center of the hole should be located one inch below the top flange and 4 3/8 inches to the rear of the front flange of the pan. The hole should be located midway between the two depressions stamped in the side of the pan. Install the NPT x 3/8-90 degree hose fitting securely into the Bulkhead Coupling. Install the Bulkhead Coupling with the sealing washer on the outside out the pan, aim the hose end of the fitting towards the rear of the pan and parallel to the oil pan rail. Tighten the nut securely against the lock washer on the inside of the pan. The oil pan (mounted on the block) showing the installed location of the bulkhead coupling (orange color).

  --Larry Harris


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