Petroworks Custom Wheels

Petroworks Custom Wheels

Wesley's Zuk has been riding on Ultra 15 X 8 wheels with standard backspacing since we built the truck. Don't get me wrong the truck rode nice and had a stable feel New wheel next to old oneto it but Wesley wanted a wider stance. We had a couple of options, use wheel spacers or get a set of custom backspaced wheels. The Ultra's had seen a lot of trail use when they were on my rig and had started to show their age, so we decided on new wheels.

The first thing Wesley said was he wanted chrome and not painted wheels like mine. The only choice here was to make the call to Petroworks. A quick call to Rudy andAlmost ready to roll! the new wheels were on the way. We ordered a set of chrome 15 X 8's with 2.75" backspacing. The price was great and in about a week the UPS man showed up with the wheels.

The wheels look great and balanced out nicely.  The stance is way more stable both on and off the road.  The backspacing on these wheels make them look like 10" wheels instead of 8's. Also they eliminated the Swampers rubbing theDuck's new look! springs at full lock.  The chrome finish is top notch and they clean up easily. So if you are looking for that perfect wheel that not only looks good but performs too, look no further than Petroworks!

A special note: These wheels are reversed and the tire is mounted from the backside instead of the front like most wheels. Just make sure you tell this to the installer that is mounting you tires.

Drew Huber  -  TEAM ZUKI

08/11/10 15:23

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