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Calmini Rocker Skids with North Coast Offroad 

The Calmini Rocker Skids offer a simple inexpensive solution for protection of the vulnerable rocker panels on the Samurai. The kit is very basic, consisting of two prefabricated pieces, one for the left, and one for the right side of the vehicle. They are not interchangeable from side to side. They are constructed of 2" x 3/16" heavy wall tube steel, and provide ample protection. Once installed they will support the full weight of the vehicle as would be encountered when on a rock, or jacking the vehicle up from the side. These are a departure from the normal Calmini "bolt on" approach, and are strictly weld on. They attach in two places on each side, just in front and behind the fixed spring hangers on the frame. As shipped, they are bare steel and require painting. The consumer must decide whether to mount them with either the inside or the outside flush with the rocker. As supplied, they mount with the backside flush to the rocker. When coupled with the Calmini black diamond plate steel rocker side panels, they complete a total package for protection from crushed rockers, and look great while doing so.

Materials required: Grinder Eye protection  Welder Support stands Hearing protection Respiratory protection Primer Finish top coats As with any project, proper personal protective equipment should be used to protect your health.


rocker1.jpg (11681 bytes) Unpack the Rocker Skids, and determine the left and right side pieces. http://www2.izook.com/images/rocker2.jpg (12527 bytes) rockerrear.jpg (14389 bytes) Hold the Rocker Skid in place against the frame, and make note of the areas on the frame and the spring hangers that must be ground to bare steel for welding. rockerfront.jpg (12637 bytes)

Decide how you want the Rocker Skid to align with the body. I chose to mount them extended out from the rocker to use them as a future base for an external cage I am planning.

Make note of the amount of trimming that must be done on the outside edge of each leg to allow it to sit flush against the frame. Since each person must determine how they want them aligned with the rocker, this has been left for the consumer to accomplish.

Up to a 1/4" may need to be removed, and this is accomplished quickly with a good grinder. If mounting the outside edge flush with the rocker, about 2" will have to be trimmed off, and in this case a band saw or cut off saw would be more appropriate.

rocker3.jpg (9835 bytes) Once the final fit has been achieved for each piece, remove them from under the vehicle, and mask off the last one inch of the legs and also the area along the edge of the legs where they will be welded to the spring hangers. rocker4.jpg (14437 bytes) Once masked, prime and paint them in your choice of finish. I chose to apply a coating of chip guard, a very tough chip resistant coating that provides a textured finish. Once the chip guard was dry, I coated them with a good quality spray enamel for ease of touch up after a bit of dragging on the rocks. rocker5.jpg (20134 bytes) rocker6.jpg (17976 bytes) Re-install them in the final position, setting them about 3/8" to 1/2" below the edge of the rocker. Once satisfied with the fit, break out the welder. [rocker7.jpg The Rocker Skid can only be attached on three sides of the leg, the inside, top, and bottom edges. The outside edge cannot be reached due to the close proximity to the spring hangers.


Apply a minimum of 1/4" of weld bead, and I ran about 5/16" of bead. It is a tight fit to get the top welded, and a wire feed welder works best for this.

[rocker9.jpg Once the legs are attached to the frame, move the supports out of the way, and weld the sides of the lags to the spring hangers wherever they are close enough to bridge with a weld bead. A little massaging with a big hammer can help close the gap a bit. rocker10.jpg] [rocker11.jpg Clean off the weld residue and touch up the paint, and your finished. A simple project that adds a lot of protection and good looks. timrock2.jpg]

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