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  At the drivers meeting it is decided that we will all go to a trail about 45 minutes from camp. We broke into two groups with us being in the first group. The ride to the trail was uneventful. We arrive at the trail and lock 'em in. As we turn on to the trail I see this trail of rocks. Let me at this point that this is the first time we had ever done trails like this and I turned and ask my wife what have we gotten into. We had done beach, snow, ice and mud but rocks?

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The first couple spots were tough for us but others in the group like Billy here, helped us through and were patient with us.. By this time the clutch was smellin' pretty bad.

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Mark and Billy make it look easy.

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We kept moving at what I thought was a pretty good pace until we caught up with a few Jeeps. After talking with them for a while we all decided to stop and take lunch. While we were there the second group caught up with us. The next obstacle was called The Ledge and we attacked it as a group. Select for larger image Select for larger image Select for larger image

Randy was the first up and made it with a little work. He was secured and used to winch up those having trouble on their own. We on the other hand were one of those needing help.






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