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Zookin2k 1

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  On The Trail!with Jim Bova


Zookin' 2k1

During the fall season the hills of Western Mass are brilliant with color. What a better place for Zookin2k1 the second annual event the brain child of Glenn, Wildweasel, Loud and Yankee Tim Walters. We arrived at the campsite Saturday afternoon as the first group of Zooks was getting back from their run. The group had been to a trail known as MaBelle. We set up camp and helped set up for the Zookin' Dinner and raffle. Many Vendors and friends donated prizes for the raffle with proceeds going to the Red Cross. Select for larger image Select for larger image Select for larger image       After an evening get-together for dinner and tall tales we turned in for the night. The next morning we all awoke to a cold New England Autumn morning. Around 9 am Wildweasel pulled in to start the days activities.   Select for larger image Select for larger image A few test on the ramp Select for larger image






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