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Team Zuki

1998 Zuk Run at Tellico OHV--North Carolina

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After the long ride down the backside of 11 we took trail 3 out to trail 4 and connected with trail 5. Trail 5 is rated as more difficult and has a few good rocks to get over and a great river crossing. From there we headed back to camp and made it in around 5:30.

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Hal and his wife cooked a wonderful meal for everyone to enjoy. There's nothing like deer meat sausage, rice, beans and other goodies to end the day with. But was this the end of the day? No Way! About 9:30 P.M. we headed out with four Zuks for the night run. Select for larger imageWe took trail 6 which is rated most difficult. Trail 6 is a long uphill climb with rock gardens and a few off cambers. It's amazing how different a trail looks at night, rocks seem to be in different places than they were in the daylight! The climb up 6 went real smooth with only a little banging and bumping going on. When we made it to the intersection of 6 and 4 we turned around and came back down. No damage or breakage occurred and we made it back to camp about midnight. Now that was the way to end a perfect day at Tellico.

Sunday morning came and everybody packed up and said their good-byes. It had been a perfect weekend with great fellowship and great trails. I know I can't wait till the next time we can all get together and do it again. I would also like to thank Bill from Sport Trucks/ZUKI South   for the support and for the wonderful T-shirts and window decals!


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