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We all know that space is very limited in a Samurai. There is enough room under the hood for an air compressor but to get the full benefit of on-board-air, you got to have an air tank too. Since I wanted to be able to seat a bead and run air tools on the trail I chose to go with a CO2 tank. You can find a complete CO2 setup in the magazines for about 300 dollars without mounting hardware. The Powertank is a really nice setup and it includes the aluminum CO2 tank, regulator and a nice handle.

DIY CO2 On-Board Air System


Have you ever found a tire you like but you felt it needed a few more grooves? Now you can have it the way you want it. Ideals Heated Knives are the answer to this question. Tire lugs can be modified however you want with this great tool. The blades are basically the tire cutters and the handle assembly is the heating element. Another ideal point of this heated knife is the cost, which is less than $80

DIY Tire Grooving with the Ideal Tire Knife


Remember when you got your first Hi-Lift Jack? You figured you could do just about anything with it, right? Then you found out the 'bolt on' top jaw wasn't as strong as the rest of the jack. And you found that it was easier to leave the base disconnected all the time because it was a pain to re-seat the retaining pin. And then you found out that the jack was a bit unstable when you were on anything but a flat surface

JackMate - Enhance Your Hi-Lift Jack


Going from stock transfer case gears to something lower can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it. You can get a 'kit' from an aftermarket manufacturer/distributor that includes gears, seals and bearings or you can just buy a complete case to swap out. The decision is easy to make, because if you have a Factory Service Manual (also available from an aftermarket manufacturer/distributor), the proper tools and the mechanical knowledge, you will save some money. But if you want to just bolt in the goods and go wheeling you can do that to.

Rock Monster 6.4:1 Transfer Case Gears


 "Hover" over the button at the top of the page to see all the available articles.