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Trail Tough Unbreakable Rear Transmission Mount




Tech Sectionwith Jeff Pollock

Trail Tough Unbreakable Rear Transmission Mount

Recently I was able to acquire a 1.6L 8 valve for my wifes Zook.  While the motor is off at the machine shop for some work I figured I better begin checking the various mounts in the engine compartment and the tranny mount for damage or wear.  The existing tranny mount was torn, in fact, I believe it was the original mount so I decided to go for an upgrade so I called Brent at Trail Tough and ordered one of his Unbreakable Rear Transmission Mounts.  The mount from Trail Tough is stout!  The welds are clean and it includes the four bolts that mount to the transmission itself.  This should hold everything in place once the new motor gets here.

Installation of this component is quick and straightforward.  The hardest part of the installation was lifting the Zook to get under the vehicle to install the new mount since the zook only had a 2 lift more room was needed to work under it.  The stock 1.3L motor is still in the vehicle so this installation was done with everything still in the vehicle.  After placing the Zook on jack stands the tranny needed to be supported so I used a floor jack and a block of wood to maintain the tranny in the original position to remove the old mount.  After donning goggles (need to protect the peepers) I began by removing the four bolts that attach the rear of the transmission and the one bolt for stock exhaust hanger.  Next were the two bolts holding the stock mount to the cross member.  Take care when removing these bolts and the hanger bolt because they will be used again.  Now for installation of the new mountI started with the four bolts supplied with the mount along with the stock exhaust hanger and then preceded to the lower two-bolt location.  In order to align the lower two bolt holes I had to apply pressure to the tranny.  Lastly tighten the main bushing bolt.  Perfect fit!  Be careful not to over tighten the bolts and strip the bolt holes in the tranny itself since it is an aluminum housing.

There is a little more vibration that is transmitted through the driveline but not as much as you would think which Brent stated up front before the purchase was made.  I really couldnt tell a difference in fact having this mount in there makes the Zook feel even more solid when shifting.


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